America by Gary Bertnick 

I walked through that doorThrough the Majestic Gate holding His hand

The Shepherd’s hand of trust

Hand of confident peace

Loving hand of my Lord.

The unknown lies before me

Each detail of each step

Yet, no mystery hovers near;

Scortched landscape of the world

Its spiritually barren desert landscape

Once noble cities and prosperous towns in human ruin,

Once soaring as the greatest eagle

Greatness of wealth and power,

Proud and arrogant nation ruined and left naked

Defenseless from every scavenger and predator

Every wild animal of the earth,

Eaten from within by parasites of men

Self-consuming, lustful mobs

Who feed on the corpse of what could have been;

Lying politicians scheme for more

Corporate beasts feed only themselves,

The shadows darkened more by false shepherds

Religious deceivers, worst of mankind

Who use holy names and holy words

To curse themselves and those who listen.

Holy Spirit door of Truth stands always near

Open and meant for all, found by only a few;

Messiah Yeshua’s arms of love

Soon to withdraw

Door soon to close in the face of men and women

Stubborn rebels, rotten as their nation “Mystery Babylon”,

To the very core of their being

And eternal existence.
            Peace, Gary Bertnick