Nearly 40 by Joshua Cook 

I’m old. Nearly 40.
Well, I suppose in the grand scheme of things and the whole of the universe, 40 really isn’t all that old. This is the thought that occurred to me one day, and that’s when I decided (yet again) to truly start doing something with my life. 
That little ‘yet again’ up there? Oh, don’t mind that little guy. He’s just there to remind me I’ve said ‘It’s time to change’ more times than I can count – and I’ve been counting for quite a while now. 
I’m nearly 40, over 250 lbs (all fat), and spending my days as a freelance writer and social media consultant sitting on my growing behind. 
Ugh was an understatement at this point. 
For me, it has come down to the want to do something different. I’ve always had a need with a family, bills, and life’s many screwballs along the way. No, this time I truly feel the need to do something different and change my path. 
It’s now approximately a month later. I’ve worked a wonky but workable schedule that usually begins with me waking between midnight and two am. I then spend a few minutes waking up and whatnot (potty, smoke a bowl, play on my phone, etc), before heading out the door for a 3.5 mile walk for a cup of coffee.  
This small change has helped me lose fifteen pounds and increase my focus and productivity for the day. Perfect example, I’m writing this while taking my walk. Two birds, one stone, as they say.
The point of this rambling post is that it’s never too late to do something with your life or make a change. As long as you want it, anything is within your reach.
Josh Cook is a writer and social media consultant living in the Seattle area. When he’s not helping clients or attempting to stay dry, Josh is enjoying the Pacific Northwest with his family and awesome dog. 

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