An Apology to my Ovaries and Ova

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img_1630Let me tell you the story of my life. I am a 35 year old Black woman who has never been married, is currently single (with no promising prospects), and has no children. There you go; apparently that’s it. People no longer recognize or applaud my life, but instead remind me my childbearing years are dwindling. Maybe people think I missed that day in sex education. Maybe people think reminding me will make me run out and get pregnant. I am being shamed, for what I thought, was a responsible adult. I practiced safe sex with the goal of not getting pregnant by a man who I could not see my life with. I’m learning that rule only applies when you’re in your early 20s. In response to everyone’s concern, I decided I owed my ovaries and ova an apology for the years lost.

Dear Ovaries and Ova, I apologize…

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One thought on “An Apology to my Ovaries and Ova”

  1. I’ve never wanted children of my own, my first wife has two boys, and was no longer able to have any. * I saw the condition of the world and couldn’t bring any children into it* My second (and current) wife has 5 children, with two still living at home (autistic/aspergers). When my wife’s eldest daughter died, recently (in January) we had the opportunity to try and get custody of her child (our granddaughter).
    We love our granddaughter, and while I still feel the same (about bringing children (my own) into this world), my granddaughter is here and she deserves the best I can give – WE – can give her.

    I’ve got no ovaries or ova, but just thought I’d share a bit of my story.

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