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The David Snape Show

Welcome to 2017 and I have a brand new feature on the show. We want you to pick which singer/group/artist you want to include in our hall of fame. It could be any singer you want. Provide me with the singers name and 3 of your favourite songs from this person/band. We will pick one for the show each week and add it into our hall of fame. Good luck 😃😃

Members of the Hall of Fame so far:

My Chemical Romance

Lady Gaga

Ronnie James Dio

Elvis Presley

Barbra Streisand

Twenty One Pilots


Joe Cocker


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An Apology to my Ovaries and Ova

MyPuzzlePeace: Piecing It Together

img_1630Let me tell you the story of my life. I am a 35 year old Black woman who has never been married, is currently single (with no promising prospects), and has no children. There you go; apparently that’s it. People no longer recognize or applaud my life, but instead remind me my childbearing years are dwindling. Maybe people think I missed that day in sex education. Maybe people think reminding me will make me run out and get pregnant. I am being shamed, for what I thought, was a responsible adult. I practiced safe sex with the goal of not getting pregnant by a man who I could not see my life with. I’m learning that rule only applies when you’re in your early 20s. In response to everyone’s concern, I decided I owed my ovaries and ova an apology for the years lost.

Dear Ovaries and Ova, I apologize…

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