Got To Love ‘Em

Free The Truth

Mom, why do you have boobs on your back?” *Gasp* Everyone stopped what they were doing to see my reaction. The youngest kid crouched in a defensive position, anticipating imminent doom. “It’s ok,” I reassured them, “Shay honey, it’s because I’m overweight.” “Oh no Mommy, you’re not fat, you’re beautiful. You just have a large amount of blubber hanging over your belly. But it happens to a lot of people when they get really old.”

Ladies & Gentlemen, it takes a fair amount of grace and experience to look down lovingly at your child and smile, all the while you are wondering just how many yards you could drop kick his body from this distance. A lot of parents probably have these thoughts from time to time, but having a child with Autism ensures that they are a plenty. While each child on the Autism Spectrum is very unique, they do…

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