This Week Radio Show 24.3.17

If you have missed the show, there is still plenty of time guys.
In other news because of future plans and what I’m doing now, I am sad to say that I will no longer be advertising for interviews. For anybody who has got an appointment with me, they will no longer be available unfortunately, sorry for any trouble caused. I will however be available if people want to interview me.

The David and Christina Show

On the show:
A special tribute to Chuck Berry
Hall of Fame: John Lennon
New Artist Showcase: Party Apple Peel, Dermot Kennedy and Anohni
Hope you enjoy the show

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Sunflowers in the Rain

It seems only fitting that one of my first public posts talks about depression. Depression, in it’s various forms will affect most of us at some point in our lives. Despite that, there’s still this awful stigma surrounding it. People are afraid to admit that they are depressed to the extent where they enter a state of self-denial. I have personally known people who were clearly depressed but totally refused to admit it, to the point where they got intensely defensive whenever it was mentioned. (Said person is happily now receiving help). People are mostly afraid of telling their managers, or anyone else at work. This, I can understand. Firstly, nobody wants to admit to their managers that they have a condition that could prevent them from doing their job to their full capability. The stigma behind mental health conditions means that people often think that sufferers are more incapable…

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