3 thoughts on “#NormalAutisticHere | Sesame Street’s Julia Humanizes Autistics, and Some Folks Hate That”

  1. Unlamented trolls:
    ANYONE who has so little, of meaning, to do with their lives, that they have to attack a character on a CHILDREN”S television program (or film), is bound for the scrapheap of society. Don’t try to tell us that you are only concerned for the children’s well-being; it is all too clear that it’s all about YOU.

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  2. One of my sons is autistic. Another one of my sons, too young to be diagnosed, is most likely on the spectrum. Both are high-functioning.

    One of my brothers-in-law has a combination of Down’s syndrome and autism which has rendered him non-verbal and only marginally functional.

    All three are a challenge, each in their own way. They’re also deeply loved. I couldn’t imagine treating any of them in any way different, even if some days I just want to rip all my hair out in frustration.

    That being said, I can see why most people wouldn’t be all that understanding. Until those three came into my life, I had no experience with Autism. I didn’t know it, or understand it.

    That’s the way most human minds work. They are afraid of what they don’t understand. They’re angered by what scares them, and they hate what makes them angry. We all have a choice over whether or not something evokes an emotional response from us, but it’s easier to blame the externals.

    My best recommendation here is, rather than react with anger at their rather obvious ignorance and fear, we should instead offer up prayer. Pray that God softens their hearts, and instills some form of understanding and love into them. That’s the best solution to this.

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