Love with Ink


love with ink

It did not take much of head scratching to decide the header for my new write up. So, I am going to write about what I love, and that is, “writing”….….. By writing I mean actually picking up a blotting source and darkening the sheets of paper, rather than going by the present conventional meaning which states hitting numerous keys to etch out an article over Microsoft word or other writing  softwares.  For me, putting together an article over a laptop or computer is just typing. Call me a caveman, but I still consider “pen to be mightier than sword” rather than “keypad of a computer”. In the context, by writing, I do not mean “the art of writing” rather the “literal meaning of writing”.

After food, writing is my second source of ecstatic pleasure. Its not wrong to say we are all addicted to one thing or the other…

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