A Colourful Monochrome

Do you remember the last time when you did something that you didn’t share on any of the social media?

I know you don’t unless you are quite unfrequent on them… Or may be perhaps before you started using any of these…

In regard to updating our status have come in trend the very popular and unavoidable ‘hashtags’. If you are a social media user, there is no need to explain about it. Even if you aren’t, you might have heard it somewhere or the other. Using‘Hashtags’ is a very smart, short and appealing way to express all your feelings, events and everything in just a few words. They are a perfect description of what you have on your mind. #party #enjoying #love_at_first_sight #breakup #feeling_low #home #ldr -a few to name, who doesn’t love putting them all around their fb posts and photos. And not a single on a…

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