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You can come and do a guest blog anytime you want. This is the website that can reach to the world and we have had loads of successful stories already. They will be the most popular stories of this site.If you want to publish your work, email me at davidsnape2@gmail.com and I will look forward to reading them. They can be original post, new or ones you have done before. If you are lucky, your post will be read out as a video for post of the week.You can write about whatever you want could be a poem, story, opinions etc…. There is no word limit as well just send in your stories and I shall look forward to reading them and putting them on my blog 😃

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Learning how to hygge?

My Beauty Affairs

The Little Book of Hygge 1

My second post, here we go! I know the word in the title sounds funny and you must be thinking – hygge? What the hell is she talking about?! Let me start from the beginning then. I’m sitting on the sofa wrapped in a huge blanket with my boyfriend after a long run. I have a white rose and champagne candle burning next to me and background music is playing on Spotify. Dream Awake from liv is the name of the song (play it while you read this post, trust me). I discovered this song recently on one of my hunts for a good Hygge music playlist on Spotify. There’s no need to say I’m completely addicted.

Now, imagine yourself inthe environment I just described. Imagine what you’d be feeling… Cosy? Comfortable? Relaxed? That would be you having a hyggelig moment. Not a long time ago I finished a…

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