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Shepard’s walk by Gary Bertnick 

Each day is an adventureChild-like enthusiasm refreshed

Daily excitement confirmed

In the journey home,

The spiritual walk of a new child

A boy or girl who grows into each sunrise

Confidence throughout

Satisfied smiles meet each and every sunset.

Whether freshly baked bread in hand

Or crumbs scattered on the ground,

Steadfast loving footsteps move forward

As ready encouragement always holds the hand,

While we press on to the majestic goal

Living Hope fills the heart,

Hope that only grows stronger along her own unique path

Colored by many scented flowers

Many trees as well for fruit

And others for comforting shade as a pause,

A rest needed to gather strength,

At times eyes close

And clear visions dance as dreams through the heart and mind

Dreams of beauty in richest fulfillment

Even as the Lord’s Road grows more narrow,

Then, the Shepherd’s staff can be seen

Healing oil anoints the spirit and soul

Holy oil upon the hands and feet,

All that you do and everywhere you go

Every person met, circumstances artfully woven into good tapestry;

The small Kingdom Gate from long ago

Has become a great pearl that glows in the distance

Gemstones in brilliance seen as foundations ahead.

She is never alone

Many out in front

Many more trail behind

All those called to follow

All those who chose the Shepherd’s walk

A walk of true adventure

A walk of timeless love and peace

A walk of wisdom and knowledge

A walk of faith in the Spirit of Hope-

Another precious child led by the only One who is able

With power and authority

To bring this special daughter to her Eternal Home.
            Peace, Gary Bertnick