Hall of fame

Welcome to 2017 and I have a brand new feature on the show. We want you to pick which singer/group/artist you want to include in our hall of fame. It could be any singer you want. Provide me with the singers name and 3 of your favourite songs from this person/band. We will pick one for the show each week and add it into our hall of fame. Good luck 😃😃

Members of the Hall of Fame so far:

My Chemical Romance

Lady Gaga

Ronnie James Dio

Elvis Presley

Barbra Streisand

Twenty One Pilots


Joe Cocker


I had found Life.

A Colourful Monochrome

Down the time lane, every breath was heavy; each smile had a painful story, every cry was much more than tears; feet walked but hands went numb time and again. And it struck me hard how I walked away, or rather how I escaped and how each muscle twitched so badly.

It was midnight and I stood on the terrace; reminiscent; sobbing. It had been long since I have been escaping but now I had realized that all I needed was to stop somwhere, take a deep breath, remember the past and then move on. But this time I wanted to just move on; not escape.

Life had been a hell until now when I’ve found the way up to the heaven; until I was taken aback with the enormity of the serenity, I had long been searching for out everywhere but still devoid of; until I realized that I…

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