Silence in Heaven by Gary Bertnick 

Holiness radiates aboutWith the intimacy of Living Light,

Always in reverence before God

Quiet humility bows

The heart in stillness

The fear of the Lord like a hush within

As the Holy Spirit’s fire burns

And zeal boils over

Zeal for the Truth,

Zeal for the honor of our Lord

Thoughts and Words of the most wise Shepherd,

In the greatest cost of redemption

Reflecting the ultimate value of a soul

The precious life of a single child

Even a man who is lost in despair

And a woman adrift on a sea

Tossed about by every wave,

In the confused midst of an endless ocean.

Holiness radiates Living Light from the Throne,

While in tearful prayer

Revelation streams down upon us

Flows from Heaven high above

Yet, the nearness of our High Priest

The loving closeness of our Sovereign King,

As near as His love is deep

Deeper than the oceans

Deeper than the mysteries of creation;

And as close as His love is high

Higher than the heavens above the Earth

And the Universe beyond imaginations,

The Third Heaven beyond even the Universe!

The purest Throne of God before whom we bow in worship and prayer

Pool of creation as crystal glass set off to the side of His Greatness

Pure pool of clear waters of His knowledge

Display infinity to those eyes

Those fire eyes of love and joy

Those fire eyes of justice in Truth,

The only eyes that shower love

Upon you, upon me.
            Peace, Gary Bertnick 

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