At home by Gary Bertnick 

> Large fluffy clouds paint the blue sky> The comfort of surrounding love

> As a smooth, soft blanket on top of cozy sheets,

> In familiar assurance

> Warmth in what is real

> And what should be true;

> Everything and anything expected

> Yet, always shielded by stable, orderly change

> No surprises to catch you off guard

> Even while expecting the unexpected

> Always ready in the Lord of Peace,

> The bright flames of Divine Hope never put out!

> Trust in God, the God of your life

> Trust in greater power and authority

> The One who made the eye so that we could see

> Who created all we can behold

> Who gives spirit rebirth so that we can know,

> Even prayerfully touch His Heart.

> Ears to hear

> Hands to touch

> Emotions that begin to sense all greatness

> Mind and soul to grasp the abundance our hearts seek

> The search for discovery in treasures of mystery;

> Those who love us, who care

> Those we can love and care for

> To help bring growth in quality of experience

> Whether in the shelter of a nest

> Or on the road

> Or walking an unfamiliar street,

> Endless trust in Divine guidance carries with Holy Spirit wings

> Many angels who also guard our paths

> The Family of God, His Church reaches far and wide

> Our heavenly home we “taste and see”;

> Good will be worked out in our lives

> Each step of our way

> Our good will be worked out

> As we travel Home.

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