This Week Final Test – In Depth feature

This final test I have done is a more in-depth feature in which a topic that you have picked for me to talk about goes on the air. I have decided to talk about Leicester City Football club and how it went so right last season and so wrong last season. If you have a subject you like me to discuss in one of those videos, please comment below and I will arrange it in due course. Please give it a like, a thumbs up and leave any comments and share away. Enjoy the show.

6 thoughts on “This Week Final Test – In Depth feature”

  1. That was another great video you did David. I think you didn’t used a script, like I didn’t for my video? Just your natural self, talking about a topic, love it!
    Oh and a question I have…are you still keep on making radio-shows too? Maybe shorter ones, but I hope you won’t give that up!

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    1. I had about 4 pages down of note taking for the script, once or twice I had a look at it. There will be a radio show this week, 1 hour long. I will explain it all in my video announcement later today, with what sort of video content there will be and the radio show.
      Take care 😃😃xx

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