This Week Final Test – In Depth feature

This final test I have done is a more in-depth feature in which a topic that you have picked for me to talk about goes on the air. I have decided to talk about Leicester City Football club and how it went so right last season and so wrong last season. If you have a subject you like me to discuss in one of those videos, please comment below and I will arrange it in due course. Please give it a like, a thumbs up and leave any comments and share away. Enjoy the show.

This Week music special

If you have missed this special radio show, you can listen to it here folks 😃😃

The David and Christina Show
Here is a two hour special featuring music that I’ve picked for my friends at self discovery radio. Hope you enjoy 😃

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The drugs.

Tornadoes Anonymous

The medical treatment for ADHD is interesting, and there is a lot of negative media floating around the internet about it. In essence, doctors give constantly over-stimulated people (ADHD-ers) a stimulant. Funny right? I imagine it went something like this: “Let’s just give em’ a little dose of speed every morning… that should do the trick!”.

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