The power of a hug by James

A couple of months ago I attended a funeral of a family relative and something stuck with me and has been bugging me ever since. I remember watching all my uncles and even a few of my aunties go up to my younger cousin and shaking his hand. Now there is nothing wrong with a good hand shake but there is a time and place when to do it and funeral is not the place to shake hands. 

Then what are you meant to do at funerals instead of shaking hands? Well you give them a good ol’ hug and that’s exactly what I did. I go up to my little cousin he puts out his hand for his 100th handshake of the day, barely holding his tears back, and I said to him, “nah this is bullshit come here man,” and I don’t mean to sound like Kanye but I gave him one of the best bro hugs of all time. He just let it all out and he even said at the end of it that it made him feel way better than those “manly” hand shakes.


I feel like in todays world hugging seen more and more of a thing between couples and girls but this should not be the case as a good bro hug can change someone’s day.


Just the other day I was having a slight “mental breakdown” and one of my female friends came up to me and gave me good hug and after that hug I felt like I could take on an army of Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris hybrids. This is what a good hug is, it makes you feel like you’re on top of the world, it relieves your stress and for those few seconds it makes you forget all your problems.


“But James, I am really bad at hugging. So, I am just gonna sit this one out and miss out on this wonderful experience,” I hear you say. Well, to that I say practice makes perfect and so what if your hugs are mediocre at best and slightly awkward? In my opinion that is one of the best hugs because it creates a connection between the huggies (plural for two huggers) that can never be broken because you both look back on that moment and say, “do you remember that time you gave me that hug?” You just say, “yeah,” and you both have a good laugh about it.


So whether you are a guy giving a good ol’ bro hug, or a good friend giving a long comforting hug , or a two huggies making a friendship defining hug there is no excuse for not giving someone a good ol’ hug. This isn’t a hate on the hand shake I am just saying to shelve the “manly” hand shake for serious occasions such as securing that CEO business deal or when meeting someone for the first time, you don’t want to come off as too clingy.


And I couldn’t think of a better way to end this, so happy hugging.  

5 thoughts on “The power of a hug by James”

  1. My husband and his father shake hands, They have a really good, positive relationship, so why can’t a father hug his son?
    I’ve been trying to break them of it but I don’t think I’ll ever succeed.

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