You decide!

Hello guys, David here. I’m in a bit of a discussion to try out something different and I want you to help me on this. As you may well know I have a radio show called ‘This Week’, a two hour show of talk and great music. My idea is to keep ‘This Week’ but turn it into a 30 minute live Facebook video with a main topic to discuss in the week and have post of the week on there. I will still do a radio show but it would be 1 hour long featuring the New Artist Showcase and the Hall of Fame section as well. What do you think? Should I give a test run on ‘This Week’ on Facebook live? 

10 thoughts on “You decide!”

  1. I think it’s worth a try snd if you don’t like it you go back to your other format .hey I still want to be a guest one of these days .. Lol

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    1. Yeah I will give it a go, I was thinking about doing an audio version at the same time, using the voice recorder and put it online afterwards as well via Mixcloud so there are possibilities.


  2. David I think everything is worth trying and change is often surprising. Different time zones are a challenge when watching or listening to live broadcasts so YouTube would be a good idea. I feel whatever you choose will be successful.

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  3. Are you not using your blog as your main content platform then just using your social media marketing time to redirect to your blog? I’ve been thinking for a while wishing for a multi-media blog but the WordPress marketing has spoilt my plans unless I take a HUGE risk with life-threatening deprivation via so-called welfare legislation that reads more like holocaust strategy. But i need to learn stuff and my guess is that the ‘pennies-from-heaven’option of monetisation that can’t be unticked for a personal premium blog plan don’t actually amount to anything the tax office would consider a viable business UNLESS you have a core product or service strategy. And i don’t. I’m unfit for anything I might have made a hobbyist business transformation with. And essentially I’ve never been well enough to pursue the artsy types of hobbies I might otherwise have loved to have as ‘past-times’. That might not stop housing benefit and JCP desperadoes vying for their bonuses and hitting soft targets though. Hope you’re ok. Hope you don’t have one of their useless funded advisors steering your project here – my experiences have been totally diabolically comedic and absolutely tragic for my health. Blogging has been saving my sanity sort of, though that might be debatable. Vlogging is tempted but I’d be a bit of a freak show cos I have a bad habit of talking at my screen and letting loose in daft accents and stuff. If you ever need a google hangouts test participant I’ve seen people use that to make video content (poetry discussion-based) but it might be complicated. But there’s something else I wanna see how it works but can’t get my head round reading about it. Sorry, my comment centres more around uncertainty than helping you with audience feedback – I’ll drop back when more time for a proper look round 🙂 Apols for the essay, I know it’s my badly-netiquette showing!


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