You decide!

Hello guys, David here. I’m in a bit of a discussion to try out something different and I want you to help me on this. As you may well know I have a radio show called ‘This Week’, a two hour show of talk and great music. My idea is to keep ‘This Week’ but turn it into a 30 minute live Facebook video with a main topic to discuss in the week and have post of the week on there. I will still do a radio show but it would be 1 hour long featuring the New Artist Showcase and the Hall of Fame section as well. What do you think? Should I give a test run on ‘This Week’ on Facebook live? 

InspirEd 2016 Speech


The Times Of India organised a teacher’s meet on the 19th of November 2016. Alongside various prestigious speakers like Shashi Panja and Prof. Anindyo Sen, I was invited to speak, to thank teachers as well as inspire them to motivate minds. The teachers were handed out firkis (rolling paper blades) as a symbol of change.

Here is my speech:

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