Mother to a son by Antonella Marinetti

Son, I would,as you return with confidence to lean on me,

gently I would tell you my love for you,

I would like to tell all your nights waiting for you,

your shooting stars for your whishes,

your sunrises and your sunsets thinking of you,

and my eyes wide open in the dark with your heart inside mine,

Son, let me tell you how much I love you,

but I rest quietly watching you,

without daring to caress those rebellious curls of yours,

and the words, I would to say, seem so unnecessary and far;

I would like to call you with my secret nicknames of affection,

my dear, my tender love, my baby,

and tell you have a sweet sleep and do not be afraid,

but I say your name

and I know that it encloses your whole being so unique and special;

Son, let me hold you stronger

but I hold myself back out because of the shame and the fear of offending you,

I embrace you gently in my thoughts as dawn made of blue clouds.

Son, I would cradle you again,

but now Life is guiding you by the hand,

while I stay here

dreaming about you and you’re already grown up…

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