Wendy Carrillo, from undocumented to running for Congress


Wendy Carrillo Wendy Carrillo – Photo from http://www.votewendycarrillo.com

A journalist and civic activist who had been in the United States illegally is joining the race for California’s 34th Congressional District.

At a time when President-elect Donald Trump made immigration and border control a key part of his campaign and Europe struggles with a migrant crisis, Wendy Carrillo’s story is inspiring and a good example of immigrants’ positive contribution to society.

The 36-year-old Democrat was born in El Salvador and brought to the U.S. by her mother when she was only 5 years old, fleeing the violence of a country at war. After learning she was not legally in the United States at age 13, Carrillo became a U.S. citizen before her 21st birthday.

“I was fortunate while so many others haven’t been” she writes in a Medium post. “I take that blessing very seriously. Before my 21st birthday, I became a…

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