This Week 2017 Episode 8 – The calm after the storm

On the show this week, the rise of Lincoln City in the FA Cup, an apology letter marked and how a driver with 62 points on his licence is still driving.
Plus a question from Patty
Post of the week: Share Your Mantra by Kah Choon
New Artist Showcase: Vanessa White, James TW and Pumarosa
Hall of Fame: Ash
Power of Positivity

Oh Father, Where Art Thou?

Dacia M Arnold

Then there was the time I joined the Army. Throughout my 10 years, I was often asked “Why did you join?”

The easy answer was that I ran out of things to do. In retrospect, at the ripe old age of 19 I find it extremely hard to believe. But looking back at my options at the time, if I did not get out of that tiny town, I would have never left. I miss that place, but it was too small for me.

The real answer and my driving force to join the Army was a Hail Mary attempt at connecting with my father. Growing up, I remember him always coming or going. We would record our voices on cassette tapes and send them to whatever country he was in that year. He would send some back with souvenirs, some I still have to this day.

I remember the…

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