How to be Good?


“Once one knows how not to bad, the path ultimately reaches towards the Good.”

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Is there anyone who is ready to accept that she/he wants to become a bad person?


We do not even teach children to do anything which is not considered good. Our actions, reactions can be categorized into two and these two categories ultimately make the personality of an individual.

  1. BAD

When we do something, either accidently or deliberately which makes us feel guilty. We even do things just for fun but later on, realize… that it was not right.

  1. GOOD

We do not do good things always intentionally, sometimes it just happens and when we actually come to know about its positive affects, we do feel elated.

It’s true that a person never does any wrongful act by its own choice. There are many factors which forcefully leads a true soul towards dark.

They can…

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