3 thoughts on “Big question 22.2.17”

  1. Yes… in fact I’ve had two so far… the first was a Talent Agency. It was an awesome learning experience!
    The second is currently in development: TOMA Marketing. It’s marketing & Media consulting, writing services, and there’s more to come…
    I would also consider my art business ( 1-mario-perron.pixels.com) to be considered a company.
    Finally, my blog is growing into much more and I’m excited it is becoming a connecting point, or umbrella for all my projects… I would be very grateful if you would follow me at https://renminds.org/ and share your thought s on what you read there.

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  2. I owned one, but my husband got a fantastic job offer and it meant we had to move. I decided to not move my practice and realized I didn’t miss the responsibilities that also comes with having your own business. There are a lot of costs, people don’t realize, you have to pay as a business owner (think assurance, phone-costs, taxes, etc). And it is possible to do your dream job and getting payed for it…It all comes down to choices, well, that’s what I believe 😉

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