8 thoughts on “Big question 21.2.17”

  1. Absolutely yes 😊 Loud places irritate and drain me–probably outward manifestations of being overwhelmed. Quieter places are much nicer 😊
    ~The Silent Wave Blog writer ❤️

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  2. I was listening to CBC last night and there was a special about having a genetic aversion to certain types of noise–like chewing, or swallowing, or even the sound of a keyboard. I cannot recall the medical name for this condition but it turns out that some people who ‘nag’ about sound pollution are not just being haughty.

    Myself vacillates between enjoying, perhaps even thriving in the ambient noises of a coffee shop… to being driven half-insane by the snippets of private life I can hear from my neighbors through the paper thin walls. As something of a loner and an outsider, I sometimes find it to be a necessary social tax, to have to listen to the happenstance lives of those I come into casual contact. As I distractedly write in my journal, I personalize the lives of parents and children nearby, and I wonder what sort of unconscious contribution my presence makes towards their existence.

    I would have to say that I prefer silence, but I have made my peace with the din of human life.

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  3. I am with 80smetalman…Depends on were I am going to. I must admit, the older I get, the more I seem to appreciate less noisier places. But I am not THAT old yet, to not enjoy a big festival or large party 😉

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