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Hey my friends,

I’m here inviting you to join me for a “Share Your Mantra” action.

If you have adopted or read any great mantras or short quotes;

or you’ve written any posts about the positiveness of life,

that make you feel relaxed and happy,

please share them under the comment below, so we can share them out!

I’d love to compile a list of great mantras and positive posts,

of course, credits will be given to your blog.

Believe it or not, a simple mantra can change one’s life.

Let’s share the happiness and inspiration to the world!

You are absolutely welcomed to join and share this out.

Always remember: Life is simple.

~ Photo credit: Voltamax / Pixabay / CC BY-NC

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6 thoughts on “Share Your Mantra”

    1. Thanks for sharing, there’s no valid or invalid, it can be a personal mantra, sometime even just a few words can change our thoughts, like “I can do it!” I would love to share it and give your blog credit too.

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  1. When I am struggling with anxiety and panic, I (try to remember to) repeat to myself, “All is well,” and, “This moment is now, now is all there is.” I also very frequently say, “I am OK.” It is to remind myself that life is one now after another, and that I am OK – even if I am not OK, that too is OK. Wish I could word that more eloquently but those are my most frequently used mantras these days. Very simple ones, but they most always do the trick for me lately. Another mantra that I use frequently is, “open eyes, open heart, open mind.” I say that to my son several times a day…I hadn’t even realized it until I started thinking about mantras I use to share in this moment. Haha! I love this idea – looking forward to viewing the compilation you create and the rest of the comments here.

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    1. They are definitely great mantras to be shared out! Simple mantras work very well indeed. Thanks for sharing yours and looking forward to the full list of mantras and positiveness posts. Cheers, my new friend. Kah Choon

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  2. Mine is “Come what may”, from the Virgil quote “Come what may, all bad fortune is to be conquered by endurance.” Basically saying, no matter how bad things are, no matter what happens, or how long something is taking to achieve, everything is manageable in the end.

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