This week 2017 Episode 7 – Love is all around

On this edition, Valentines Day review, love letters that will touch your heart and is sex education a ticking time bomb.
Post of the week: My Cherie Amor by Puffer Thoughts
New Artist Showcase: The Magic Gang, Just Us and Pote
Interview: Eve Hinson from American Badass Advocates
Hall of Fame: Eve Hinson
Power of Positivity

7 thoughts on “This week 2017 Episode 7 – Love is all around”

      1. I LOVED it again! Just for the record, you have Eve Hinson as Hall of Fame artist written down underneath the radio-clip-thingy in your post. Anyways…yes, yes, yes, that third song of Joe Cocker, that is indeed also my third favorite one of him 🙂 I must say, you talking about that hat, I already turned on the volume, expecting the ‘you can leave your hat on’ song hihi. Well, thanks for adding him to your Hall of Fame.
        And what a great idea to connect sexual education with Valentine’s day!
        Oh, and the valentine story about the couple, what was it, 60 years of marriage?, well, I teared up, but did that a couple of time this show.
        Again: LOVED it!
        There is an advantage of listening to your show this late in the week…I won’t have to wait long for the next 😉
        Take care David, big hug!

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