3 thoughts on “Big question 16.2.17”

  1. Even in the last two years you can see a decrease in actual advertising themselves! Its still out there more than when it was suppressed, but now it seems that more are just being themselves, loving who they will, and not needing to shout out they are lovers! Only in areas you find resistance, you will find the largest amount of “open” necessity! …..- An outwardly way to look at it, I guess.

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  2. It depends where. In some countries it is, in others so-so and in many others not at all.
    Also, I think we’re maybe better than in the last 200 or 300 years but compared to Ancient Rome in example there’s still a long way ahead.
    I dream with the time when our sexual behaviour becomes definitely private and nobody except you and the other (or others) adult involved are concerned. I mean, why would I care if my neighbour is gay? Why the law would care? If it’s nobody’s business someone’s heterosexual behaviour why it should be other’s business the homosexual?

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