TSM 17-07 David Snape, a Passionate Autistic DJ & Blogger.

A special Valentine’s Day treat for you. An interview for Sara on Self Discovery Radio. Probable the most open and honest interview I have ever done, you don’t want to miss this 😃

Self Discovery Media Network

Thier Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest David Snape. On air from February 14th 


My name is David Snape, 26 years old and I have autism. I want to help other people through via my radio show or helping others getting their content on my blog to gain more followers and support. Not only that but to inspire others by saying that you can inspire to do great things in your life, autism maybe is a part of you but if you get over that important hurdle, the possibilities are endless. I’m currently in the process of writing my own autism story, using my own experiences.

How would I sum myself up as simply as I can? I am just an ordinary 26-year-old man, who loves his gaming, sport, work, friends and family, who wants to try his best every day and doesn’t want to let people down.

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