The Silver Rose by Harsh Trehan 

Hi, I’m a Rose. Not an ordinary one. I’m made of silver. I was made with great care and discipline. No rose in the world was as brilliant as my finesse. But with great power comes great responsibility. I needed great care and constant attention. And with that I give my best performance.I am proud of myself, not being one of the ordinary flowers. But as I am growing and developing, I am seeing the different phases of life. The early caring times were like a magical wonderland to me, where everything was in order and everything was peaceful. But the reality sometimes affect me. I meet different flowers, some just like me; some who are such perfections, which become my inspiration the moment I see them, some who I think if I help them, can be better. I also meet those who were born to be the spoilsport, the ones who want to ruin me by all means. This is a drawback of growing up, we face reality. This starts ruining me and my role.

It starts to tarnish me. It has deposited this rust of negativity in me. I am not the same. My innocence has been played with, and this is not helping. But I know that it is still in me. Under the rust there still exists that silver rose, who wants to come back, who wants that rust to be removed. But what is required is that I need to realise, that i am My brasso.

I am the only one who can change me. I am the one who will remove the rust on me, and I am the one who decided what air i need to surround me, to prevent any future rust. It is only me who decides my fate. No one in the world has the right to rule over me or my happiness, and no one can tell me what to do and what not.

Now read this article to yourself and put yourself in the situation.

Let it sync.

Dear Silver Rose,

You are an important part of this world and you have been created for a reason. Realise that and make your living count. Also, you are not the only one important, each and everyone is as important as you are, be it the leaf or your sphagnum which holds you. It is upto you who will be in youe bouquet.


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