5 thoughts on “Big Question 13.2.17”

  1. The hardest goodbye was to my mum.
    My dad died on 30th May 2008 of cancer. His philosophy on life and death was what kept us going. Reffering to dying as “popping off” he passed at home after 3 days of us nursing him.
    My mum was lost without him. They had been married over 60 years.
    On 28th June my mum collapsed at home. She was taken by Ambulance to hospital. We were advised she had an aneurysm and due to her health problems they couldn’t operate.
    Wether the doctor felt he needed to give us hope or was uncomfotable telling us the truth, I don’t know.
    But within a couple of days we could see the signs. We had been here before. I just wished we had taken her home to die.
    We set next to my mum, behind the curtains on a 6 bed ward. My sister & brother went to get some drinks.
    I sat closer to mum, held her hand and whispered in her ear. “If dad is waiting for you, go with him. We will be ok” Feeling like I would be anything but.
    Mum passed away at 12:30 on the 1st July.
    She joined dad just 5 weeks after he “popped off”
    Saying goodbye and giving her permission to go was the hardest goodbye. For the most part I feel it was right.
    But God I miss her.

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  2. When I had to leave the city I love. None of us wanted to say goodbye and we knew we had to but we kept avoiding it, talking and pretending we were going to meet as usual.
    The night before I had to leave we had to down on reality, hug each other and say farewell.
    I felt very sad and I guess he also feel that way.

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  3. As strange as it may sound, but if a relative or friend dies I am sad for a while and at the same time, I accept it is part of life.
    However, I had to say goodbye to two dogs and 2 cats during my life so far and every time I was not only sad, I was just devastated and sick for at least a week. The fourth pet, our dog Nikki…after almost two years, I still sometimes find my self out of the blue tearing up again.

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  4. The deaths of my parents. My Dad died May 1995 of colon cancer and my Mom passed away August 1998 of pancreatic cancer. Even though I know I will see them one day again in Heaven it has been very difficult living without them all these years. They were my bedrock, my support system and my strength.

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