This Week 2017 Episode 6 – Winter Warm Up

On this weeks show, the results of Sweden’s six hour a day work trial, can you get a better job interview using a different name and how you can get success in owning your own home age 25
Plus Post of the week: Girl Meets Boy by Follow me talk blog
New artist showcase: Formation, Future Islands and Filous
Hall of Fame: Twenty One Pilots
Power of Positivity

5 thoughts on “This Week 2017 Episode 6 – Winter Warm Up”

  1. Well, that was another great show David 🙂
    Jeeez,houses are expensive over there. About the interview for job: Yes, I still believe it is sad, people are declined just by their name/ethnic origin. However, about the appearance…For instance, I wouldn’t feel comfortable eating at a restaurant, where the waiter looks like he hasn’t took a bath for a week…you know what I mean? There is something to say in fever for selecting a new colleague, judging by the look of that person …
    Twenty one pilots…new to me and I love them! So thanks for sharing 🙂
    Wishing you a wonderful week too, dear David.

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