This Week 2017 Episode 6 – Winter Warm Up

On this weeks show, the results of Sweden’s six hour a day work trial, can you get a better job interview using a different name and how you can get success in owning your own home age 25
Plus Post of the week: Girl Meets Boy by Follow me talk blog
New artist showcase: Formation, Future Islands and Filous
Hall of Fame: Twenty One Pilots
Power of Positivity

Does Size Matter?

Reflections From the Heart

Hey y’all!

Here’s a continuation of my Toastmasters journey.

My first speech, The Ice Breaker was given  a few weeks ago. The following is Speech #2 of the Toastmasters speech series. Objectives: Supporting material, transitions, strong opening and closing statements withing 4-6 minutes. I’d like to share with you my speech which I titled, “Does Size Matter?” Once again, yes, I was nervous, although my husband in the audience said I hid it well. Yes, I even said a phrase backwards, but hey you just press on through it.

My fellow Toastmasters:

How many of you have dreams? Visions? Goals? Most of you, right?

Some things don’t sit right with me & here is a Pet Peeve:

I have heard time & time again how one has to dream BIG in

Order to achieve something … or be something …

0r change something …

You’ve heard the saying:


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