2 thoughts on “Big question 9.2.17”

  1. Sometimes taking a single breath can feel like it is the worst thing you can do, at others it is spilling coffee as you walk through the kitchen and at other times it is when you speak out of turn, giving your real opinion, even though that opinion is not widely shared.

    What makes a situation sticky is when you are singled out, either by you, the situation, or the people involved. Maybe my reasoning is far too meta, but it is one of the first things that comes to mind. Maybe this is one of those sticky situations in which I go ‘Oh dear, why did I open my mouth? Why do I say such nonsense?’ And you may even agree with that statement, with that reasoning, or even be oblivious of what I am saying. What is a sticky situation?

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  2. Interesting question. A sticky situation? Been in plenty of those, even something as simple as wanting to eat a snack as a kid, but I had to eat fruit first… Truly sticky situations either require quick thinking, an ability to improvise, or in the case of literally sticky substances, a thorough hand-washing. And with that, I have nominated you for the Mystery Blogger award: https://anibproductions.wordpress.com/2017/02/10/the-mystery-blogger-award-a-surprising-honor/

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