Power of Positivity 

The David and Christina Show

Another of our new features on ‘This Week’ involves being more positive about ourselves. What I am doing this year is with the help of Pacifica, I write down all the positive things that have happened on the day and I will read them back at the end of the week. You can do the same, tell us what your positive moments of glory that have happened throughout the day or in the week and we will read them out on my next show. Let’s bring the power of positivity to everyone 😃

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Midnight Missives and Musings

GOD, the infinite question and the quarrel of the masses for all the ages and still is apparently judging by the headlines. I don’t understand it and I never will. A caveat: I am not here to sell you on my God or to debate your God or anyone else’s. In fact, just the opposite. I have no interest in sharing my God with you, nor do I really have any interest in hearing about your God beliefs. My God doesn’t really go in for group sports, other than football of course, hence my 14 years of volunteering in that area. I am sure I will get a great seat on the heaven 50 yard line.

He- Yes, He -get over it, I am fine with ‘He”- doesn’t require me to go out and get a lot of converts. On the contrary, my beliefs are private and not shared with…

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