6 thoughts on “Big Question 6.2.17”

  1. Absolutely. It is not a popular opinion/theory because it reveals a side of ourselves we don’t like. But humans instantly make about five judgements of a person simply by looking at their appearance, the name provokes more snap judgements. Open minded people happily tippex over the assumptions and alter them as needed upon getting to know them. Less open minded people stubbornly hold onto them and continue to make further assumptions based on the first few.
    A lot of people think the making of the snap judgements is a flaw in ourselves but really they are instinctive judgements we make to keep ourselves safe and help us to find people we might want to socialise with, a habit we have had for millennia, no different to an animal judging it’s safety in certain situations. It is the unwillingness to alter the snap judgements that is a flaw in ourselves.

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