This Week 2017 Episode 5 – One Badass Episode

On this weeks show, we send our condolences to the Pac-Man creator, tackle loneliness and is everything imaginable possible?
Plus Post of the Week: Oops, my Asperger’s is showing by Kimberly Tucker
New Artist Showcase: David Lessing, Eugene Twist and EVI
Hall of fame: Barbra Streisand
Power of Positivity

8 thoughts on “This Week 2017 Episode 5 – One Badass Episode”

  1. That was a great show again David! I love your perspective regarding my question and also that you address very important topics each week. Thank you for adding my all-time favorite singer to your Hall of Fame and playing those beautiful songs by her. And yes, Woman in Love…I sing that one out loud too hahaha
    And the end song…one of my favorites too. Joe should definitely also be added to the Hall of Fame sometime 😉
    I wrote a little post
    Thanks again David and till…
    Big hug,

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    1. Thank you so much, so pleased you enjoyed the show. All my answers from Ask David are very honest and open, very much liked your question. I would be happy to put Joe Cocker on the hall of fame at some point. Which 3 songs would you pick from his?

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      1. Well, of course the one you already aired…You can leave your hat on third one I have to think of that…Maybe you have another favorite of him?

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