12 thoughts on “Big question 2.2.17”

  1. Hi David, loneliness is an awful feeling, like the world and everything in it is moving along without you. I have never really suffered extreme loneliness as I have always had family on the other end of the phone but in periods I have been lonely I’ve got to know myself better. Self reflection through writing has helped during these times. I actually like being alone, I quite enjoy my own company but if I find I’m boring myself I go to a group. We have a thing called meet up here in the U.K., I’m not sure how far outside of the UK it goes. Anyway they have different groups going, I’ve been to yoga, meditation, philosophy groups and writing groups. I’ve found like minded people in these groups and although it might not lead to life long friendships I find I come away feeling more stimulated from conversations. I think you have to put yourself out there if you can. Like attracts like, so if you have a positive view on life your inclined to draw those people to you. As I said, I am lucky and loneliness because you just don’t have anyone else must be awful. I try and engage those I feel might be lonely.

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  2. I don’t know if I have any tips on how to deal with loneliness… though I do find when I am particularly lonely I do find myself actively shipping couples. Usually on tv shows, and I’m sat there like ‘yeah you go team, you find someone to share your life with.’

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  3. The best way I know how is to get involved with others…. join a group, take a debating class, join a karate club, a running group, start a blog, etc…. Loneliness is self-isolation… it becomes a comfort zone… you must get out of it physically to get out of it emotionally.

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  4. I like to listen to music 😊

    Although usually if I’m lonely, it’s ironically because I’m in a room full of people. And if that’s the case, I just leave the room and go off by myself. Poof!–no longer lonely ❤️

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  5. I’ve been alone aka single for many years. At first I was lonely wanting what society told me I needed to have aka “Husband.” Now that I’ve gotten older I’m at peace with being single and I enjoy my own company. I have no desire to hook-up with some guy just because the media, society or culture tells me I must. My best advice is “Learn to enjoy your own company.” Learn you! Explore your likes and dislikes. You will not always have a crew, posse or even that special companion. The happiness you seek is inside. My cat Sylvester helps me cope with challenges of life. You could say that he is a Therapy Kitty Cat. Pets do provide unconditional Love.

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  6. I wish I could tell you, sweetie. I’ve started my blog in the hopes that I feel a little less lonely. I’ve just read through a couple of your posts and I’m so sorry that you’re in pain.

    Maybe a lonely boy could message a lonely girl one day. My email is on my contact page if you ever wanted to talk.

    Lonely Girl.

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  7. I feel like the reason loneliness creeps up on us is that boredom comes with it. Let me ask you, if you were busy doing something and your mind is completely busy as well, would you think you were lonely?

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