10 thoughts on “Big question 1.2.17”

  1. I don’t really get lonely when I’m on my own, but when I’m in a crowd of people I know, but don’t know well, that is when I feel it. I like people, and I can deal with a few at a time, but big crowds of almost-strangers? nope.

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  2. Yes. I still do sometimes. With all those beautiful souls around, just a phone call -chat-email-blog-next door-or 35 minutes drive- away, I still feel alone sometimes.
    Still haven’t been able to figure out, why that is…Fortunately, those feelings don’t last for long.
    At the same time there are even times, I purposely seek solitude (is that the word?), because I want to be alone…take a breath and re-charge.

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  3. I am lonely every day. So it goes. I have learned to live with it, accept it instead of fighting it.

    Thank you for following my blog. I have family members who are autistic and I will appreciate following your point of view.

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  4. Yes. Especially when I was younger but now as an older woman I realized and see clearly the benefits of solitude. I’m really a solitary. It would be nice to have a companion but my greatest and most productive moments of creativity have come in my times alone.

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  5. I’d just found out I was pregnant and after everything in life that I’d suffered through I thought to myself “finally, I’ll never be alone again”.

    When I lost my child, the overbearing feeling of crushing loneliness assaulted me. It weighs heavy on you and loneliness is a great burden to carry.

    Lonely Girl.


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