Why The Crafting Table Does What It Does

The Crafting Table

People often take a lot of things for granted. Have you ever spent even a moment of your life, terrified that you aren’t going to see food again for a very, very long time? Has your child ever fallen fatally ill, even though you have no means of taking care of them, no access to any form of medicine or care? Ever felt the feeling of helplessness when someone beat you mercilessly and locked you up in a cage, because you had no voice?

There are people out there, people who deserve the very basic dignity and rights that existence allows them – but it’s something they never receive. Why? Because society pushes them into the margins. If you can’t see something, if you can smother and suppress it, you can pretend it isn’t there, right?

I’m talking about transgenders. I’m talking about the disabled. I’m talking about malformed children. I’m…

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