12 thoughts on “Big question 25.1.17”

  1. No building walls will not help any one nor will target immigrants and basically according to yesterday’s New York Times article he is target Legal Immigrants. So even if you have your papers in order Dhrump plans to deport you. Also in the article and one has to read between the lines I believe it said something about so-called Terrorist countries or countries that he claims produce terrorists. This means the spotlight is on Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs. Now mind you America has more home-grown terrorists and mass murderers than any other country. Nearly all the mass murders committed in the USA including the 9 Blacks shot during a Bible study in Church, the small children killed a few years ago as they attended school and at least two incidents where people were shot to death while watching a movie at the theater these were all done by white men! Dhrump is also eliminating Healthcare for many Americans and blaming immigrants for him not getting the popular vote! The next four years will be hell for those of us who are not white Christian males!!

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  2. Hello, my good friend across the pond! Can you believe we got stuck with “Trump!”???

    My answer is that not only what he is doing to Mexico by forcing them to ( try ) to pay for a wall to secure our borders, but he just pulled us out China’s and the US current Asian trade agreement and if that was not enough? he trying to pull us out or dismantle our NAFTA agreement as well.

    You are correct by using the words “Building The WAR” not a wall between us and Mexico. He doing the same “bad choices” with China as well. This is why I did NOT VOTE for him. A reality TV star is not fit to run AMERICA!


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    All my blog friends and readers know I love sharing news and other “provoking” blog post from my blog friends …. My dear friend David in the UK has some “thought provoking questions” you need to share your VOICE too. And it shows even the UK and other countries are worried about “TRUMP”! *CaT*

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      1. Nice to meet YOU! Well, it is comforting to know all our friends around the World is watching and keeping America in their prayers and thoughts Xo

        As we here are “Buckled In for a Bumpy 4 Years!!” He is just not experienced enough in Foreign Policy or relations to be a fit President … Of course, just my own opinion… Catherine

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      2. PSS… I am Loving Your Blog!! We need more of them like yours! #Love #kindness and did I say #Love?? LOL.


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  4. I don’t think( and I’ve held this view throughout his campaign) building a wall won’t help anything. Granted I work in an immigration law office so I may seem like I would be more sympathetic. But even if I didn’t I would still think this is wrong. For one thing there’s already a wall of sorts around part of the border and that hasn’t stopped people from coming over; building a bigger or taller wall isn’t going to change that. Secondly I think immigration is a tough issue no matter which side you fall on. Personally I’m all for immigration reform. There should be a way to deal with the immigrants already in this country that doesn’t involve just deporting them (which would be costly and ineffective in my opinion) or building a wall. There should be a way to deport the criminals but not break up families. Sorry for the long comment this is something I’m passionate about and once I get going it can be hard to stop.

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