The Millennial Generation – Thoughts from a Millennial

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Today I want to talk about the Millennial generation, which happens to be my generation. Yeah, “I’m talking ’bout my generation.” (Thanks, The Who!) First, let me say that there are way too many people in this world that fall into this age group to make sweeping generalizations that include millions of people. However, there are certain patterns that I’ve noticed. I know people my age that act like the typical millennial, and I know others that are breaking the sterotype day after day. We are known as the generation who is privilged, self absorbed, entitled, and impatient. But I know many who are thoughtful, hardworkng, ambitious, and caring.  I am right at the end of this generation, being born in 1994, and I do have strong opinons about us. Please continue reading to get the big picutre on millennials, straight from a millenial (Me!).

The internet has been exploding about people…

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One thought on “The Millennial Generation – Thoughts from a Millennial”

  1. We Baby Boomers were once described, en masse, as privileged, self-absorbed, entitled and impatient. My son is a Millennial, and is thoughtful, hardworking, ambitious and caring- as are so many of that generation (1980-2000, btw). I don’t think any generation deserves to be stereotyped, being, as you say, millions strong.

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