This week 2017 episode 3 – better than Mr Trump’s inauguration

If you have missed my show, there is still plenty of time for you to listen 😃

The David Snape Show

On the show this week, my verdict on this year’s Sherlock, how babies remember the language from a study and the legacy of the Obama’s and their plans for the future.
Post of the Week: For the God I love by Melissa Presser
New Artist Showcase: Una Healy, Alice Jemima and Lewis Watson
Hall of Fame: Ronnie James Dio
Power of Positivity

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Poem name by Jeremy Mifsud 

The harsh winter swells my fingersbut they cannot rest – I need them.
Like piglets in a muddy sty

they are covered in smudged ink.
All the lingering thoughts in my mind

must be released into the wild.
Water running from the tap,

rub and rinse the dirt away.
Ink on papers, papers into books,

it seems like only I am the one hooked.
On the shelf these books lay

gathering dust each day
Like stars that burn bright

but hidden by dense clouds.
With open gates, the piglets stayed in the sty

the world did not have open arms