Dear writers, should we be censored?

David Speaks

This is my first blog post of the year. So long to 2016, and welcome to 2017. May it serve you well. I could go on about my resolutions this year, but I don’t want to be talked about if I don’t end up fulfilling them, so I’ll just keep those to myself. Instead let’s talk writing, because this post is long overdue.

Believe it or not I have written some wild stuff. Whether it be in English classesor a Facebook update with a not-so Christian topic. Once during college senior year, on a draft for a short piece I did in an English class, I received a comment for a line of dialogue which I used. That comment was “This can be offensive”. I wasn’t trying to upset anyone. I was just using a phrase that is often used in real life by a certain type of person.


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