My Imaginary Man

Zarina's Journal

Waiting for him to find me one day…
“Run away with me Princess” He would say,
The man I would eventually call “Mine”
That day I’d stop asking for a sign

The same man I’ve always known in my heart
A creation of my imagination from the start
Imade him up long time ago
Deep inside I love him so

Years gone by, few relationships fell apart
I’d cry andmenda broken heart
Each time I learn something new
Now I know there’sonly so much I can do

I’d always run back to my Imaginary man
I know him sowell,He is “The One”
I grew older but my thoughts of him remained the same
Wishing he exists,”Am I insane?”

Hehasstrong armsand beautiful eyes
I never doubt him, there’s no telling lies
He speaks softly and touches me gently
He is everythingI hoped myman would be

Then one day, I met someone

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