This Week 2017 Episode 1 – Power of positivity on your radio show

If you have missed my latest show, there is still time for you to listen 😃😃

The David Snape Show

On this weeks show, my Christmas/new years summary, a personal robot and how a board game gets so many answers wrong.
Also Post of the week: Lament for Aleppo by Equipped for Mercy
New Artist Showcase: Jeannine Barry, Leon And Jacob Banks
1st Hall of fame artist/band: My chemical romance
New feature: power of positivity

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Good Never Dies!


“No matter how much bad takes birth; good will never die!”

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Do you have a complaint?

In fact, we all have a lot of complaints. Most of the complaints are about others (we are always right ;P haha!!) but yes, there too come those surprising realities which we finally accept that we so go wrong.

So, every time when there’s a good, a bad also exists. However, if I talk about its rough analysis, bad is always done more than good. I am pretty sure that you’ll agree to my standpoint. Guess what? Even you can do this analysis! There is no need for a big survey. Why? Keep a close check on all your activities of a day, at the end of the day make a list and segregate them as ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’.

Once you are done, the true reality will automatically introduce itself with you. Don’t be…

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