8 thoughts on “Big question 9.1.17”

  1. There are three sets of mental health care in New York. One for the rich and wealthy who can afford better treatments and another for the poor, minorities and none for the homeless who live and act out in the subways and streets.

    Sadly in 2015 I was imprisoned for two weeks against my will at Kings County Hospital which is one of the worst hospitals in NY. The treatments and medications they gave me only made my anxiety, depression and panic attacks worse. Basically if you have insurance they just load you up with pills. I was forced to go to outpatient therapy but again that did not help me and just thinking about having to go to therapy made me upset and nervous. Finally I dumped the pills and the therapist and I’m much better off.

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  2. I’m not sure if it’s necessarily that more research is needed, more that openness is needed. People need to talk about mental health issues more. It’s a real shame about Carrie Fisher because she was a good advocate for bipolar sufferers. My family is genetically predisposed to suffering from depression so yep I have first hand experience of mental health issues and second hand experience. I’d also say that psychologists seem to get a bad rap. A good therapist can help people with mental health issues through the toughest times in their lives (they do need to be a good therapist though). Yet many people will roll their eyes at the idea of a therapist thinking it’s all gibberish.

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