When Words Hurt

Tammy Vice - Know The Hope

Recently, while Morgan and I were walking down an aisle at Walmart, we noticed a toddler fussing with his mom.  Just as we passed them, the little guy yelled, “NO!”  Morgan whipped around and said, “Oh Baby!  Do Not Do That!  You Scared Me!”  Needless to say, he stopped mid yell, eyes wide open, mouth shut.  Mom was pleased.  I blushed.  We both shared a knowing smile.  Whew.  With Morgan, what comes up, comes out.  Thankfully, this was a positive for everyone, even the startled toddler. 😉

One of the most difficult challenges for Morgan is something we call “trigger words”.  While her response to the child in Walmart was kind of appropriate, her response to these triggers can be anything but.   I’m beginning to understand that each of these words and phrases bring back an unpleasant memory for her.  Hearing them puts Morgan back in that moment, as if…

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