10 thoughts on “Big question 5.1.17”

  1. No, because I might(imo) lose touch with reality and stop speaking with humans altogether (i know my own personality) but not against others using that as a form of treatment

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  2. At first I thought “Heck yes I do!” then I thought about it and would have to say it depends on the robot. Are we talking robot with a set script of possible responses, in which case nah I’m fine thanks. But if we are talking artificial intelligence designed to learn from your previous conversations and help you through problems then yeah that’d be pretty awesome.

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    1. That already exists. Microsoft Tay (Ai) was “taught” all kinds of nice things by human beings. In fact, it started out as a nice robot, but after mingling with people it became racist- sad really.

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      1. Well yeah, but this would be MY robot right?
        I heard about an AI that decided it wanted to keep humans in a zoo like environment… and I’m sure of other such worrying AI stories.
        The trick is shackling them appropriately, I hope. Otherwise we are all doomed because AIs are almost certainly going to become common place.

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  3. I do because I used to own a robotic vac, a robotic mop, and three robotic toys. Another one of those obsessions of mine. I brought a GOOGLE Assist for Christmas. I like giving commands and hearing a robotic woman’s voice responding to them. I don’t get this much cooperation from my family members. HA! So if one were available to help me work through my emotions, especially meltdowns, I’d at least give “robo” a try.

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  4. Sounds interesting and could be used as an aid to people suffering from depression or other illnesses but for me my cat Sylvester serves that purpose. This robotic option has been explored in TV series The Twilight Zone and of course the movie A.I. I think pets; dogs, cats, horses, birds would be a better option. There are programs that bring small pets; cats and dogs to nursing homes. Also animals have been trained to work with developmentally disabled children and adults. Also helping mentally ill people get out into nature via City/State parks and Botanic Gardens would be a great option on the way to improved mental health.


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