Telling You Stories


Ever felt trapped in your own mind? Like it’s a prison, sucking the life out of you? Having your own fears strangle you, paralyze you, that you can’t breathe anymore?

See.. The thing with life is, you’ve got to fall so you could learn to pick yourself up. You’ve got to taste fear so you’d know what is it like to be courageous.

Life gives you a lesson and you have a choice. Whether to take it in. Embrace it. And coil it into your soul. Or you crumble under pressure and fade away.
It’s a struggle you can’t lose. So make the right choice.

I’m grateful i had someone to show me what it is like to keep going, to believe in Good ❤ no matter what you see, feel, or go through.

I wouldn’t in one million years compare my struggles to theirs, but they’re telling me stories…

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